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The only FDA cleared open platform digital solution for your fundus camera!
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Digital upgrade for fundus cameras - Affordable Ultra High Resolution 20 megapixel Retinal Imaging

Delivering the best of breed technologies of Fundus Photo ophthalmic fundus camera adapter technology with Canon's EOS 6D 20 megapixel full frame digital SLR to view and capture digital images from your mydriatic fundus and retinal cameras with just one digital camera back!

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Fundus Photo is US FDA 510(k) cleared to legally market in the USA
We are the only ophthalmic digital imaging provider in this segment to achieve the highest level of quality, safety and performance the FDA and ISO require.
Diagnose and treat with the utmost confidence you are utilizing a medical device that has been properly designed, tested and marketed in full compliance with US laws.
CMS requires if a service is billed with a medical device, that device must have FDA clearance. Click to
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No modification, bulky relay lenses or alteration of the fundus camera -
Just attach and capture eye opening 20 megapixel images
The Canon EOS 6D image sensor is the same size as 35mm film.  There is no magnification factor to worry about correcting. Live preview allows viewing the fundus on your monitor for some fundus camera models!  We do not need field lenses or any other modification to capture perfect images, although other imaging companies need additional optics to get it right.  The Canon 6D is a current fullframe digital camera, not a discontinued model.

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Five types of images - all from one digital camera
Our digital upgrade for fundus camera solution captures color, red-free, F/A, FAF and even ICG with only one digital camera. The Canon EOS 6D captures in color and monochrome.  We are an authorized Canon photographic dealer, so you can be confident you are getting new product and not grey market or refurbished models.

No upper port? No problem!
Whether the fundus camera has an upper or lower port, just attach the digital camera to the fundus camera with our precision manufactured adapter in the same lower port position as your 35mm film camera back...and yes, it is on the lower port!  No clumsy, unreliable upper port adapters or worries regarding the mirror and solenoid in older fundus camera models.
For newer fundus camera models designed for upper port attachments, we use these ports for optimal performance without mounting the digital camera upside down or using mechanical levers to open the viewing port mirror.

Cost effective
Consider what you spend for film, processing, postage and your lost valuable time waiting for results to be sent back to you from the lab.  Diagnose and treat your patient immediately. Capture and review instantly...and save thousands of dollars!

Easy to use...and a fully portable option, too
The original film back on your fundus camera is mounted on the optical path...this is the same way we view the retina.  Our portable system option is easily moved from one camera to another.  Perfect for practices with multiple cameras and multiple locations.

Innovative and flexible
We offer various configurations of our innovative technology to meet the growing needs of ophthalmic imaging in single user Standard, Professional, network, portable, EMR compatible and DICOM conformant versions.  Want to know more?  Click here to contact us for details...we appreciate your consideration.

Fundus Photo is the exclusive New Vision dealer for North America, South America and Central America
Fundus Photo - Made in the USA

Fundus Photo Digital Upgrade F/A Image Canon 5D full frame   Fundus Photo Digital Upgrade Image Canon 5D full frame overlay with opacity, rotation, zoom  

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Fundus Photo is an authorized Canon photographic dealer