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It's about the image...it's about time!

The only FDA cleared open platform digital solution for your fundus camera!
Manufactured in USA

October 2012 - University of Wisconsin - Madison Fundus Photograph Reading Center (FPRC) approves Fundus Photo for study use
November 2012 - Press Release - Fundus Photo Digital Upgrades for Fundus Cameras
April 2013 - Fundus Autofluoresence - Fundus Photo Fundus Autofluorescence
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October 2013 - Duke University Reading Center approves Fundus Photo for study use
November 2013 - DARC Reading Center approves Fundus Photo for study use

Fundus Photo has US FDA 510(k) clearance 
We are the only ophthalmic digital imaging provider in this segment to acheive the highest level of quality, safety and performance the US FDA and ISO require.

All devices, attachments or software used for diagnosis and/or treatment are required to have FDA clearance for commercial distribution in the US.  

Did you know...

Medicare requires FDA approved devices for payment and
FDA reports all device approvals to CMS?

Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 14 - Medical Devices, sections 10 & 80

Devices that may be covered under Medicare include the following categories:

Devices approved by the FDA through the Pre-Market Approval (PMA) process;

Devices cleared by the FDA through the 510(k) process;

FDA-approved IDE Category B devices; and

• Hospital Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved IDE devices

Services related to the use of a non-covered device are not covered under Medicare.

Look up any company at the FDA website

Topcon, Zeiss, Escalon, OIS, Kowa, Nidek, Canon and Fundus Photo all have FDA clearance and may legally market their imaging products (hardware and software) in the US.

Fundus Photo available for your mobile device - www.fundusphoto.mobi - give it a try!

Fundus Photo unveils it's low price digital imaging solution for mydriatic fundus cameras.

New Vision Ophthalmic Medical Imaging Software...

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Fundus Photo is the exclusive dealer for North America, South America and Central America