Value in ophthalmic imaging and equipment is our specialty. Delivering this value to you is our passion with the Gold Standard in ophthalmic imaging...Fundus Photo.

THE Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Merge/OIS/IBM left the business and left you behind.  We are here to assist in your transition to Fundus Photo.

We continue to strongly support Topcon and Zeiss fundus camera based imaging systems and have the know-how to provide sales, support and service for your fundus camera.

We are the only independent ophthalmic imaging company delivering all of the following to meet the needs of today’s professional retina practice:

  • NewVision Ophthalmic Imaging Software Suite
  • Up to 30 megapixel full frame digital imaging
  • Windows 10 or Windows 11 (your choice) Professional Operating System with Intel chipsets
  • Universal Auto transfer to any EHR
  • Auto montage included at no additional charge
  • Unlimited Review Software at no additional charge (use on any and as many devices as you want (desktop, Iphone, Android, tablet, laptop, etc.)
  • Free installation and training
  • FDA 510(k) cleared for sale in the US (required by law)
  • Reading Center approved for studies (Reading Centers require FDA 510(k) cleared imaging systems)
  • CMS Qualified for reimbursement (CMS requires FDA 510(k) cleared devices for payment)

Value in ophthalmic imaging and equipment is our specialty.
Delivering this value to you is our passion.

We appreciate your consideration and look forward to helping with your ophthalmic imaging and equipment needs.

Has your imaging vendor merged with another company or gone away?

Is your old imaging system down… or will be soon?

Consider what you will spend for replacement of a single major component on an outdated imaging system.

And your lost valuable time and revenue waiting for the vendor to get back with you.

Capture and review quickly, have your images instantly transfer to your EMR and save thousands of dollars with less costly, new state of the art ophthalmic digital imaging.

Five types of images – all from one digital camera – a Fundus Photo exclusive feature

Our digital upgrade for fundus camera solution captures color, red-free, F/A, FAF and even ICG with one digital camera. The Canon line of full frame up to 30 megapixel cameras capture in color and monochrome. We are an authorized Canon photographic dealer, so you can be confident you are getting new product and not grey market or refurbished models.

Affordable Ultra High Resolution - the Gold Standard of Ophthalmic Imaging

Delivering the best of breed technologies of the innovative Fundus Photo adapter and New Vision Ophthalmic Imaging Software with Canon’s up to 30 megapixel full frame digital cameras to view and capture digital images from your mydriatic and non-mydriatic fundus and retinal cameras with just one digital camera back for Color, Red-free, Fluorescein Angiography (FA), Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF) and ICG.

Fundus Photo is US FDA 510(k) cleared to legally market in the USA

We are the first ophthalmic digital imaging provider in this segment to achieve the highest level of quality, safety and performance the FDA and ISO require. Diagnose and treat with the utmost confidence you are utilizing a medical device that has been properly designed, tested and marketed in full compliance with US laws. CMS requires: if a service is billed with a medical device, that device must have FDA clearance.

No alteration of the fundus camera – Just attach and capture eye opening up to 30 megapixel images

The Canon full frame image sensor is the same size as 35mm film. There is no magnification factor to worry about correcting. We do not need field lenses or other intrusive modifications to capture perfect images, although some other imaging companies need additional alterations of your equipment to get it right. We are an authorized Canon photographic dealer, so you can be confident you are getting new product and not grey market or refurbished models.

Easy to use, easy to own – with a fully portable option, too
With the lowest total cost of ownership, the Fundus Photo Imaging System can help you provide the professional level of care you are accustomed to giving your patients, for a much more reasonable investment. Our portable system option is easily moved from one camera to another. Perfect for practices with multiple cameras and satellite locations.
Innovative and flexible

We offer various configurations of our innovative technology to meet the growing needs of ophthalmic imaging, including our DICOM version. Want to learn more?  Contact us for details… we appreciate your consideration.

– Testimonials –

Over my 25+ years in ophthalmology, I have dealt with many ophthalmic equipment companies and supply houses. Fundus Photo and specifically Dale Brodsky is a premier company that specializes in service and personalized needs for his clients. His personal communication via cell phone, email and the like is outstanding. I highly recommend Dale and Fundus Photo for your ophthalmic and optometric practice needs.

Todd D. Fladen, MD – The Fladen Eye Center, Canton, OH

I am writing you just to say hello. This morning I made an angiography. Was a young man with a drop of vision in the left eye. The diagnosis was clear to me clinically. Was a Central Serous Retinopathy. It was some kind of “delight” to get the images in the computer. They were perfect !! Honestly, I am very happy with the camera and it works JUST FINE.

Carlos Aguirre, MD – Centro Oftalmico, Loja, Ecuador

As an inventor, ophthalmic administrator, and business owner and in management for over 30 years. I am very aware of the importance of good customer service. Dale, I just wanted to send you a little note on behalf of myself and the Center For Eye Care & Surgery, to express the gratitude we have for your services. From the very first telephone conversation we had, I knew we were going to get our new digital conversion from you.

Lenny Muroff, C.O.A., Administrator
Center For Eye Care & Surgery

– From our blog/news page –

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Has your imaging vendor merged or gone away?

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