new-equipThe lowest priced item can be the most expensive. Include these 8 cost factors as part of your new equipment purchase decision.

[1] Lifetime Maintenance

How often does the machine need to be serviced? How long does the servicing take? What will it cost?

[2] Environmental effect

Does the machine cause any harm to the people or the space around it? If so, what liability might there be? What costs might this cause?

[3] Benefit

What exactly will this new machine do for my patients and my practice? Can this be quantified?

[4] Users

Who in my office will be using the machine? Will they respect it? What training is required? What does the training cost? How long does the training take?

[5] Warranty

What exactly is covered and for how long? This is one question that can be answered by other users,”Does the company honor their terms of warranty?”

[6] Service Contract

This is another question that other users can answer,”Does the company honor their service contract?” And what does it cost? What conditions does it contain? Is there an auto-renewal clause? What are the cancelation fees? Is there a guaranteed response time? What are the terms regarding parts and travel?

[7] Tech support and system updates

Are there any costs connected to these? What is the availability? For how long will the machine be supported?

[8] Parts & consumables

Are these readily available? Are they new or refurbished? What do these cost?


I’m Dale Brodsky the founder and owner of Fundus Photo. We sell new, used and refurbished imaging equipment to the ophthalmology industry. We’re pleased to reveal the difference between price and cost.