A big part of success in any venture is playing to your own strengths; and a big part of being able to do that is setting yourself up to work within your own areas of expertise, without getting bogged down trying to solve problems that fall outside your specialty.

Dale Brodsky, founder and president of Fundus Photo, LLC and St. Louis Ophthalmic Equipment Company, believes doctors shouldn’t have to learn to become computer programmers just to use their equipment. And with so many different EMR vendors out there – requiring so many different formats for both images and data – Brodsky wanted to create a product that could let fundus cameras “talk” to all of those systems, leaving doctors more time to be, well, doctors.

The ideal system, Brodsky thought, would allow eye care professionals to not only upgrade their existing fundus cameras to 20-megapixel high resolution digital, but also give them a way to get those images (and their corresponding data) to and from EMR systems quickly and easily – no matter what system, no matter what vendor and no matter what file format. And that’s precisely what Brodsky offers with his company’s Fundus Photo digital upgrade adapter and its exclusive New Vision Ophthalmic Imaging software suite.

“The ability to so easily transfer copies of our patient’s images and data to any vendor’s EMR/EHR is a breakthrough for our industry and our doctors,” said Brodsky. “Our exclusive ‘NV Transfer to EMR’ product elegantly solves this challenge, with one click transfer to any folder desired in the correct format – to be read by any EMR.”

Instead of spending their precious time and resources troubleshooting communication between their fundus camera and their EMR system, Fundus Photo lets ophthalmology professionals spend more time on patient care and the fundamentals of running their practice.

One of the first practicing physicians to use the Fundus Photo system was Dr. Lawrence T. Reese, M.D., F.A.C.S., of Florida’s Retinal & Macular Consultants group. According to Dr. Reese, the software was intuitive and easy to operate, with a “common-sense interface allowing even a novice to operate it flawlessly.”

“More importantly,” said Reese, “the ability to edit, adjust settings on the image, coupled with the ability to export an image to e-mail, transfer to a flash drive or burn on a CD for a colleague is accomplished in a matter of seconds without any difficult ‘techie’ maneuvers.”

Brodsky is exceptionally proud of what Fundus Photo brings to the ophthalmic equipment industry, and more importantly, to the health care professionals who use it – so proudly, he stands behind it in a very tangible way.

“We so strongly believe in our product, service and training capabilities,” Brodsky said, “we don’t sell support contracts. Our doctors may call us free for assistance for as long as they own their Fundus Photo system.”

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