Selecting an ophthalmic imaging system today needs to include cyber security and ongoing support, in addition to features and benefits.

Having been through many of these discussions, I’m pleased to share 10 questions to enhance your decision making.

[1] Does it communicate with which EMR system?

[2] Is it compatible with Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10?

[3] What cyber security features does it have?

  • Automatic archiving and backup
  • Secure password log-on
  • Automatic time out log-off
  • Firewalls
  • Role based access

[4] What is the warranty, service and support policy?

[5] Does it work with any mobile OS (Android, Iphone)?

[6] Does it work with mobile devices?

[7] Do you offer DICOM compatibility?

  • Do you have a DICOM Conformance Statement?

[8] Is the software Study Certified, FDA cleared and meeting ISO Standards?

  • With which Study Centers are you registered?

[9] How are system updates handled?

[10] What is your service response policy?

In today’s technological and internet- connected world, there is an ever growing need for convenience, immediacy, quality and data protection.

And these are the cornerstones of Fundus Photo. If you are looking for a new imaging provider, I hope these questions will enhance your decision making and I hope you’ll include us in that process.

Dale Brodsky, Founder & Owner of Fundus Photo — provides a broad range of ophthalmic imaging equipment and Fundus Photo’s “NewVision Ophthalmic Imaging Suite”, software designed specifically for ophthalmic imaging and image management.


[1] An FDA cleared open platform for digital imaging

[2] One-click Image transfer to any EMR/EHR

[3] Zero cost service and support