A new year is a new beginning – a time for review and preview. What do we want and how can we make it so? Consider these questions as you look ahead to 2018. Also, recall what you were thinking this time last year, looking ahead to 2017.

Following the questions are some insights that might expand your answers.

Ten Business Building Questions

[1] Do you want to grow your practice or improve it? Why? This answer may not be so obvious.

[2] How important is it to achieve this desire? Why?

[3] What must be done to cause this change?

[4] What does your practice do best?

[5] How do your patients and future patients learn who you are and what you do?

[6] Who are your favorite clients? Why?

[7] Who is your support team? To whom can you delegate?

[8] How smooth are your systems and routines?

[9] What self-improvement do you want to effect?

[10] BIG picture — what is the dent you want to make in the universe?


Insights Outside of the Box

[1] The motivation behind growth or improvement relates to goals – your patients, employees, investors or family.

[2] Importance is urgency and the intrinsic drive to begin and maintain the effort.

[3] Both growing and improving are change-events. Change is a challenge and usually occurs in small increments. Patience is required and every step in the right direction is celebration-worthy.

[4] Customer service is critical to a professional practice. Referrals depend on strong customer satisfaction ratings.

[5] Do your staff and patients know what you do and what you do best? Think beyond the internet. What else can be done to inform patients and prospects of your prowess?

[6] Your potential market is large and diverse. Figuring out the specific segment(s), one that you would most prefer to serve, can simplify your marketing and improve its effectiveness.

[7] As a business grows, the owner/founder’s role must evolve. Managing people, marketing strategy, compliance and accounting are elements that can and should be delegated.

[8] “Kaizen” is the concept of continual improvement. Every process can be made better.

[9 and 10] Given these questions and the big picture question #10, what should your role be this new year? What talents do you now need to better utilize or develop to make the difference (the dent) you have been trained and nurtured to do?

Happy New Year.


Steve Gatter is a customer acquisition strategist for B2B Solopreneurs. His website is www.underdog704.com.

Dale Brodsky, Founder & Owner of Fundus Photo — provides a broad range of ophthalmic imaging equipment and the “NewVision Ophthalmic Imaging Suite”, software designed specifically for ophthalmic imaging and image management.