When I call customer service, I want someone to actually speak with me and

[1] to be patient; to listen and understand

[2] to be knowledgeable

[3] to speak a “to-do” language – tell me what they can and will do, rather than what they cannot.

[4] to be clear in what they say

[5] to thank me for calling

I’m Dale Brodsky, founder and owner of Fundus Photo. I own and operate a small business and this is what I expect when I call customer service.

What do you expect?

Are you more often pleased or displeased with what happens?

My experience is when calling small businesses, I am pleased. Small businesses seem to do a little more with a little more care and concern. And most of the time, I get to speak with a real person.


I’m Dale Brodsky the founder and owner of Fundus Photo. Customer Service is the heart and soul of our business. What else could possibly be? There is a promise of value behind whatever a business says and does. It’s a matter of trust. It’s a matter of honor.