Ophthalmic technology is continually advancing and there are new products and new developments all the time.  And what does this innovation have to do with you and your ophthalmology practice?

The answer lies more within you than with this new technology. The answer lies in your vision of your ophthalmic practice – weeks, months and years ahead.

What do you want your practice to look like next year and the years to follow? Can you see the next chapter – the one with you as CEO rather than the primary practitioner, and the chapter after that; the one where you are not involved?

Whatever your future state may be, it is much more likely to occur if you can envision it now. And achieving this state will require help from your allies, be they investors, employees, suppliers, bankers or whomever else. Business is a team sport and choosing the right allies is vital to your success and sanity.

My name is Dale Brodsky and perhaps we can be allies. May I keep you abreast of our industry’s innovation?

I am an Ophthalmic Imaging and Equipment Expert, experienced in the most current advances in the industry and I’d like to be your ally and help you build your future practice.

My practice is called Fundus Photo, LLC. We specialize in the latest imaging technology, fundus cameras and slit lamps to provide affordable and effective ophthalmic imaging and equipment solutions to the eye care industry.

Our website describes us in detail, and I won’t reiterate it here, but there are two components to our business that we strive to continually improve.

[1] Innovation

We do our best, as you do, to stay on the leading edge of the industry; be it hardware, software or new applications. We have several key allies and partners who help us to stay current with technology and help us achieve the future vision I have for my business.

[2] Affordability

We do our best to offer the greatest value, as you do. We provide the lowest cost of ownership of any digital imaging system with free technical support and no expensive recurring service contracts.

Investing in new technology is a risk. Upgrading takes you from what you know into a new environment. We want to assure you that your decision to deploy new technology is well considered before purchase, well supported after, and always, at a most affordable price.

What will your practice look like in the future? Do you have some partners and allies who can help you make that happen? I hope you might consider adding me and Fundus Photo to your team of allies that helps you achieve your vision.